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The Glass Bottom Boat (2007) , /10
An Index of Birds (2010) , 6/10

San Francisco-based Carta, featuring guitarist Kyle Monday and keyboardist Ray Welter, debuted with The Glass Bottom Boat (Resonant, 2007), recorded in 2005. A new line-up recorded An Index of Birds (Silber, 2010), motably multi-instrumentalist Sacha Galvagna and cellist Alexander Kort. When coupled with vocals, their ambient chamber slocore yields hypnotic ethereal lullabies such as Building Bridges and the eleven-minute Descension (sung by Lorealle Bishop in a tender whispering register). The mostly instrumental pieces explore the psychological, intimate aspect of art from the vintage point of non-narrative music: the subtly majestic instrumental undercurrent of Hourglass, the electroacoustic nonsense of Small Lights (musique concrete plus piano sonata), the trembling stream of consciousness of Prettier At Night (with an impressive tour de force of the drums), the repetitive neoclassical adagio of Bank of England, etc. The influence of post-rock can be heard in the sudden mood shifts, for example how the calmly ecstatic melody of Sidereal skyrockets into a hard-rock jam or how the rumbling drones of Back to Nature reach almost-metal furor. While not everything is essential, what works represents a deeply-felt synthesis of post-rock, slocore, acid-rock and ambient music. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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