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Cassius (1999), 6.5/10
Au Reve (2002), 5/10
15 Again (2007), 6/10

Cassius, a pair of veteran French producers of dance music (Philippe "Zdar" Cerboneschi and Hubert "Boom Bass" Blanc-Francard), that emerged with the single Cassius 1999 and the all-instrumental album Cassius (1999), blending house music, dub, pop and hip-hop.

The sprawling Au Reve (2002) added live instruments, some vocals and contained The Sound of Violence and I Am A Woman.

15 Again (2007) featured more vocalists (including Zdar himself) and contained Toop Toop and Eye Water (that sounds like a left-over from Au Reve with Pharrell Williams vocals). The second half of the album is devoted to moodier constructions that push the envelop of house music (Jackrock, La Notte).

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