Century Plants

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Century Plants, i.e. New York State's hyper-prolific duo of guitarists Eric Hardiman and Ray Hare, flooded the market with recordings of sprawling psychedelic jams: Floating Elemental and Photosynthesis on the cassette Without Mercury (2007); Embedded in Moss, The Sound of One Hand Counting and Blue in Two Colors on Infinite Eligible Mysteries (2007); Florid Gestures on Accidental Visitor (2007); the 20-minute piece of the mini-album Bloodrise (2007); Circular Spaces on Circular Spaces Volume 1 (2008); Frozen Generation on Inversions (2008); the 31-minute piece of Copper Visions (2010); plus the two lives jams of Electrics (2008) and the live jam of Century Plants (2012). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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(Copyright © 2013 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions )
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