Circle Of Ouroborus

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Finnish duo Circle Of Ouroborus were lo-fi black-metal practitioners who debuted with with the sloppy and dissonant Shores (2006) that relied on spleen-drenched atmospheres a` la Joy Division and Mark Smith-ish vocals. That was the beginning of a trilogy completed by Streams (2007), a more accomplished work that blended black metal with element sof dark punk, and Islands (2009).

The more professional Tree Of Knowledge (Hospital Productions, 2009), although recorded in 2007, still featured barbaric pieces such as A Root Casket but also peaks of gloom in Demon In Iron and Dead Eyes Dead Soul, and musical variety in the instrumental Summer Graves.

Old Ghosts (Cocainacopia, 2009) compiles rarities.

The pieces of the split mini-albums Golden Blood (Anima Arctica, 2010) and Ruins Of Resurrection (Cocainacopia, 2011) incorporated even more elements of dark punk and the new wave.

Eleven Fingers (Handmade Birds, 2011) moved towards more straightforward songwriting and even catchy refrains.

The Lost Entrance Of The Just (Handmade Birds, 2012) continued the band's march towards mainstream melodic rock.

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