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Clarinette, the project of San Francisco-based veteran producer and guitarist Dan Vallor, indulged in abstract noise and drone compositions on the mini-albums Haze (Ecstatic Peace, 2002), with the 17-minute Dry Leaf Echo (that sounds like a computer-manipulated duet for sewage water and underground trumpet), and Transmuting Fall (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2005), with the 13-minute The Best Minds Of My Generation.

The double disc Nul (Cassetto Editions, 2010) opted for sprawling compositions with punctuation titles: ( ) (27:24), [ ] (12:24), - (20:17), ; (10:26), \ (19:59), , (8:51), and . (30:47). Some are lush dronescapes that make LaMonte Young sound anemic, and some like - are nightmarish pulsing flows of radioactive glitches.

The double-disc The Clarinette Anti-Cassette Act Of 2012 (2012), whose cassette version was packaged in an actual portable cassette player which in turn was packaged in a melted vinyl record, contains two monolithic pieces: A Reflective Kind Of Tension (42:31), that resumes the concept of Dry Leaf Echo except against a much more complex background noise, Moving Back In With The Pulsebeat (43:54), that runs the gamut from Steve Reich-ian pulsing hypnosis to hissing wall of noise.

The double-disc Clarinette On DNA: Jazz Impressions Of DNA On DNA + Retrospekt (Cassetto Editions, 2012), instead, contains 41 mostly very brief vignettes, solo piano reinterpretations of DNA's compilation DNA On DNA.

Ready Set Disengage (2013) contains the 20-minute Wreathed In Lightning wrapped in dense gloomy drones drowning a distant piano.

The 47-minute piece of The Path Of Sisyphus (2013)

There Is No Word Tender Enough To Be Your Name (2013) contains a live performance and a rarity.

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