Cloudland Canyon

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Silver Tongued Sisyphus (2007), 7/10 EP
Requiems Der Natur (2006), 6/10
Lie In Light (2008), 6/10
Fin Eaves (2010), 6/10

Cloudland Canyon, the duo of Tennessee-based guitarist Kip Uhlhorn and German musician Simon Wojan, wed German "cosmic" music of the 1970s (the "motorik" rhythm of Neu and the analog keyboards of Tangerine Dream) with digital processing (a dense flow of manipulated vocals and instruments) to mold the two lengthy suites of the EP Silver Tongued Sisyphus (Kranky, 2007): Dambala (11:34) and Silver Tongued Sisyphus (11:58).

Requiems Der Natur (2006) and Lie In Light (Kranky, 2008) were more fragmented and more derivative of the German masters. After these albums, Cloudland Canyon became the solo project of Kip Uhlhorn.

The more melodic and noisier Fin Eaves (Holy Mountain, 2010) veered towards a dense synth-tinged shoegaze-pop sound. No One Else Around, Sister and Pinklike/Version evoked the age of My Bloody Valentine, Jesus And Mary Chain and Spacemen 3.

Aureliua, off the EP Aureliua (The Great Pop Supplement, 2012), explores galactic spaces but paced by a soul-less metronomic beat that slowly takes over and turns into a sort of Terry Riley-ian raga. The EP Born Blonde (Trensmat, 2012) contains the pulsating Born Blonde (with angelic female vocals) and the robotic, almost danceable, Sea Cycles. The transition to the dancefloor was completed with the eleven-minute Sundowners, off the EP Prophetic Frequencies (Monofonus Press, 2012), that morphs seamlessly from the sequencer-based cosmic music of Tangerine Dream (just a hysterical version of it) into a pounding techno beat that keeps multiplying and getting heavier.

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