Cold Cave

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Love Comes Close (2009), 6/10
Cherish The Light Years (2011), 5/10

Philadelphia's Cold Cave, the project of Wes Eisold, who had got his training in the Ye Olde Maids documented on God Blesses Us Mother Dresses Us (Art Fag, 2009), were accomplished impersonators of synth-pop of the 1980s (New Order, Depeche Mode, etc): Sex Ads off Coma Potion (2008), the single The Trees Grew Emotions And Died (2008), Love Comes Close and Theme From Tomorrowland off the EP Death Comes Close (Heart Worm, 2009), Love Comes Close off the EP Etsel And Ruby (What's Your Rupture, 2009). Some of these and new songs were included on the first album, Love Comes Close (Heart Worm, 2009), notably the carillon-like and jig-like Life Magazine.

Cremations (Hospital, 2009) is a compilation.

Cherish The Light Years (Matador, 2011) was a shameless sellout, frequently aping New Order's android ballets (Underworld USA, Icons of Summer, Villains Of The Moon). Some of the songs sound like covers of the hits of that era, like Catacombs ("inspired" by Modern English's I Melt with You). Little touches of modernity in Alchemy and You and Racing Around the Church feel revolutionary in such a monument to dejavu, and the operatic overwrought industrial frenzy of The Great Pan Is Dead feels like hardcore by comparison with the crooning excesses of the ballads.

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