Andrew Coleman
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Animals on Wheels: Designs And Mistakes (1997), 6/10
Animals on Wheels: Nuvol I Cadira (1999), 5/10
Andrew Coleman: Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (2001), 5/10

Animals on Wheels, the brainchild of Andrew Coleman, copied Squarepusher's jazzy drill'n'bass on debut album Designs And Mistakes (Ninja Tune, 1997), a kaleidoscopic assembly of jazz samples, frantic breaks, downtempo electronica that pioneered drill'n'bass.

Animals on Wheels is unrecognizable on the languid, ethereal, soul-less Nuvol I Cadira (Ntone, 1999).

Andrew Coleman's Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (Thrill Jockey, 2001) is a hodgepodge of drill'n'bass, downtempo, ambient, etc cliches. Fundamentally, Coleman had reneged on drill'n'bass after the very first album. The mini-abum Demons (2005) moved even farther away. Tony Alva's Hair (2006), compiling both old and new material, was another confused/eclectic collection.

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