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The Concretes were the heirs of the Cardigans in the realm of the atmospheric Nordic pop ballads, transposing them to the fragile and ebullient sound of the 1960s, and wrapping them in lush orchestrations that, in scope, went beyond chamber pop and towards a "maximalist" form of pop music. After many singles, collected on the anthology Boy You Better Run Now (Up, 2000), they matured on The Concretes (Licking Fingers, 2003), when they had become an eight-piece ensemble.

In Colour (2006) and Hey Trouble (2007) were vastly inferior.

The Concretes' vocalist Victoria Bergsman debuted solo under the moniker Taken By Trees with Open Field (2007), a set of lushly arranged melancholy ballads (contrasting the sound usually associated with exuberant 1960s girl-group rock'n'roll with the existential spleen of the 2000s). The orchestral sound was quirky due to the juxtaposition of so many instrumental timbres (cello, vibraphone, marimba, euphonium, flute, synthesizer, guitar, mandolin, harmonium, piano, viola, violin, bass and drums), with many instruments played by producer Bjorn Yttling.

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