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Liverpool's sextet Coral, fronted by James Skelly, harked back to the effervescent psychedelic Brit-pop of the mid-Sixties for The Coral (Deltasonic, 2002), a technicolor parade of catchy refrains (Shadows Fall, Simon Diamond plus the early single Dreaming of You). Magic and Medicine (Deltasonic, 2003) lacked the nostalgic verve of the debut but still featured a couple of nuggets (Don't Think You're the First). By the time that Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker (2004) was released, they had become just one of the many Brit-poppers on the planet. The Invisible Invasion (2005) was meant as their "rock" album. They returned to what they do best on Roots & Echoes (2007), a sort of business card by veteran oldies collectors.

Coral's guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones turned to movie soundtracks in the late 2000s and debuted solo with the orchestral soundtrack to an Italo Calvino novel, If (2011).

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