Chris Corsano

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The Radiant Mirror (2007) , 6.5/10
The Four Aims (2009) , 6.5/10
Rangda: False Flag (2010), 6/10
Rangda: Formerly Extinct (2012), 5/10

Coming out of Western Massachusetts, Six Organs Of Admittance's drummer Chris Corsano (who also plays in Greg Kelley's Cold Bleak Heat) recorded the solo albums Blood Pressure (2006) for keyboards and vocals (no drums), a collection of brief ideas that also contains the nine-minute Systolic, and The Young Cricketer (february 2006 - Family Vineyeard, 2008) for percussion, found objects and saxophones, an adventurous (or at least chaotic) improvised work, although fragmented in short pieces to the point that it sounds like rehearsals rather than fleshed out music. It includes the abstract drum solos Why Are Some Cricket Coaches Better Than Others? and What Do We Get From Cricket That We Don't Get From Other Games?, the frantic drum solos What Movement Helps You When You Are Trying To Run Out A Batsmen? and How SHould You Pick Up The Ball And Throw It?, as well as the eight-minute How May Your Parents And Your Employer Help You In Your Cricket Career?, a cryptic piece driven by cymbals and bells. The droning saxophone passages, instead, sound amateurish.

Corsano also recorded several avant-jazz duos with saxophonist Paul Flaherty: The Hated Music (Ecstatic Yod, 2001), Sannyasi (2002), which added Greg Kelley to the duo, Last Eyes (Records 7, 2005), Steel Sleet (Tyyfus 2, 2005), The Beloved Music (Family Vineyard, 2006), Full Bottle (Ultra Eczema, 2006), etc. A Rock in the Snow (Important, 2006) and Slow Blind Avalanche (Important, 2006) added violinist Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core to the duo. And Blank Check (2007) added Wally Shoup to the duo.

Corsano often collaborated with Nels Cline, for example on Immolation/Immersion (2005).

The Radiant Mirror (january 2006 - Textile, 2007) and The Four Aims (november 2008 - VHF, 2009) were collaborations with Vibracathedral's droning banjoist Michael Flower, two demented and propulsive digital collages. The Radiant Mirror contains three Indian-inspired jams for percussion and shahi baaja (an Indian banjo), of which the ten-minute spiritually-inclined Earth sounds like the Velvet Underground performing an Indian raga, and the festively torrential 19-minute Fire sounds like an epileptic John Fahey jamming with a jazz drummer. The Four Aims contains the ten-minute I Brute Force?, that sounds like a brutal jazz-rock workout, the eight-minute The Three Degrees Of Temptation, a subliminal soundscape for soft percussive sounds and psychedelic effects, the prayer-like The Drifter's Miracles of droning with no drums and Corsano on cello, and the 18-minute The Main Ingredient, perhaps the most intricate and virulent raga-like piece of the duo with a coda of ethereal philosophizing.

Another Dull Dawn (Ultra Eczema, 2009) High and Dry (2010) were solo albums, the latter containing the 13-minute improvisation Lights Are On Nobody's Home House Is on Fire.

Tsktsking (2009) was a collaboration with bassist John Edwards.

Meanwhile, the trio of Sir Richard Bishop, Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano formed Rangda (two guitars and drums) to record False Flag (Drag City, 2010).

Paul Dunmall and Chris Corsano improvised live the music of Identical Sunsets (april 2008). Joe McPhee (tenor & soprano saxes, pocket trumpet) and Chris Corsano (drums) collaborated on Under A Double Moon (march 2010) and Scraps And Shadows (may 2011).

The Chocolate Cities (2009), with self-indulging improvisations like 85% Pure and Cocoa Mouth Paralysis, You'll Never Work In This Town Again (october 2009), containing three untitled duets, and The Halcyon (august 2018 - VHF, 2022), were the new visceral collaborations Michael Flower.

Chris Corsano's solo Cut (Hot Cars Warp, 2012) collects brief pieces for drums, metal objects, modified reed instruments and bowed strings.

Rangda was a two-guitar supergroup formed by Richard Bishop of the Sun City Girls, Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance and Chris Corsano that debuted on the instrumental False Flag (Drag City, 2010). Its centerpiece, the 15-minute Plain Of Jars, begins like a pensive cosmic invocation (over syncopated tribal drumming), boasts occasional bursts of noise, always retreats in gentle strumming order, and finally erupts in uncontrollable mystical fervor. Formerly Extinct (Drag City, 2012) was even less robust. The 12-minute Silver Nile is simply too sleepy and sloppy to truly captivate. The very loose, meandering flow of notes certainly evokes the most tripped-out psychedelic states of mind, but has little to offer in terms of development (except for a terrible finale).

The Raw And The Cooked (2013) and Brace Up (2018) document improvisations between Corsano and Harry Pussy's guitarist Bill Orcutt. Ditto the three-part Cyclone on Electric Smog (2019), a split with the Dwarfs of East Agouza.

Nate Wooley (trumpet, amplifier), Hugo Antunes (double bass, amplifier) and Chris Corsano (drums, amplifier) recorded the jams of Malus (may 2012).

Low Cost Space Flights (june 2013) documents new improvised duets between saxophonist Paul Flaherty and Corsano.

Icepick was a trio formed by Nate Wooley (trumpet), Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten (bass) and Chris Corsano (drums) that debuted with the two lengthy live improvisations of Heptane (17 minutes) and Pentane (26 minutes) collected on Hexane (november 2013).

Corsano also played on From Wolves To Whales (Aerophonic, 2014) with trumpeter Nate Wooley, saxophonist Dave Rempis, and bassist Pascal Niggenkemper. The live The Hurrah (august 2014) documents a jam by the trio of Evan Parker (tenor sax), John Edwards (double bass), and Chris Corsano (drums).

Chris Corsano (drums, percussion) and Massimo Pupillo (electric bass) recorded the lengthy improvisations of Via Combusta (april 2015).

Salt Task (september 2015 - Relative Pitch, 2016) was a collaboration among Chris Corsano (drums), Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) and Nate Wooley (trumpet) containing the 21-minute title-track.

Psychic Armour (2016) was a collaboration with Paul Smyth. An Idea in Everything (2016) was a trio with singer-songwriter David Greenberger and guitarist Glenn Jones of Cul De Sac.

Chris Corsano (drums), Paul Flaherty (tenor sax) and Bill Nace (electric guitar) recorded the three lengthy improvisations of These (december 2015).

The Dim Bulb (2005) and The Dull Blade (2018) added Steve Baczkowski to the duo of Chris Corsano and Paul Flaherty.

Mystic Beings (2018) documents a trio with guitarist Bill Nace and saxophonist Steve Baczkowski.

Bill Orcutt and Chris Corsano collaborated on Brace Up (2018).

A History of Nothing (2018) documents a quartet with tenor saxophonist Rodrigo Amado, trumpeter and soprano saxophonist Joe McPhee, and double bassist Kent Kessler.

All the Ghosts at Once (Relative Pitch, 2015) and A View of the Moon (Clean Feed, 2019) documented improvised duets with Danish alto saxophonist Mette Rasmussen (based in Norway) and rank among his best performances. Star-Spangled Voltage (2016) added Paul Flaherty to the duo with Mette Rasmussen.

Old Smoke (2019) documents the trio of Corsano, Baczkowski and contrabassist Brandon Lopez.

Quand Fond La Neige Ou Va Le Blanc (Relative Pitch, 2019) documents improvisations with Lebanese-born French saxophonist Christine Abdelnour.

Corsano and Orcutt released the three-movement Cyclone on Electric Smog (2019), a split album with the Dwarfs of East Agouza (an Egyptian trio).

No Place to Fall (2019) contains duets with Rodrigo Amado.

Corsano played a home-made string drum on the solo The Key (2024).

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