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En Garde (2003), 6.5/10
When We Break (2005), 6.5/10

Cursive's guitarist Stephen Pedersen recorded two albums with White Octave, Style #6312 (Deep Elm, 2000) and Menergy (Initial, 2001), and then launched Criteria with En Garde (Initial, 2003), that featured Mike Sweeney on drums, AJ Mogis on bass, and Ian McElroy on keyboards. Their all-out punk attack yielded the high-class emocore of Talk in a Crowded Room (just under two minutes), opener The Coincidence, It Happens, Play on Words, The Life, Me on Your Front Porch. Criteria might be more faithful to the spirit (if not the sound) of Fugazi than Cursive ever were.

When We Break (Saddle Creek, 2005) perfected the idea with more focused performances and slicker/grander production. The quality of Perdersen's songwriting (Self Help, Prevent the World, Grey Matter, Run Together, Kiss The Wake) was finally matched by both the players and the producer.

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