Crystal Stilts

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New York's Crystal Stilts (featuring the Vivian Girls' drummer Frankie Rose) delivered dark and distorted garage-pop on Alight Of Night (Slumberland, 2008) that sounded like a cross of Jesus & Mary Chain and New Order. The most original aspect was the loony psychotic singing of Brad Hargett (for example in Departure). The single Love is the Wave (2009) revealed a friendlier side.

In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland, 2011), without Frankie Rose, focused on a more balanced form of garage-pop (Shake The Shackles, Sycamore Tree, Prometheus At Large and Through The Floor) while also indulging in the seven-minute acid jam Alien Rivers.

The EP Radiant Door (Sacred Bones, 2011) added the savage Dark Eyes and the catchy Radiant Door.

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