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After a few mixtapes, New Orleans' rapper Curren$y (Shante Franklin) debuted for real with Pilot Talk (2010), produced by Ski Beatz. However, the rapping was disposable and the real action was with the production. The best rap is The Day (on which Jay Electronica steals the show). Its companion Pilot Talk II (2010) sounded like a collection of remixes in a more laid-back style (reminiscent of psychedelic soul of the 1970s), only Michael Knight trying seriously to break the shell. Again, the attraction is the production: the rapper's obsession with drugs is not particularly interesting anymore.

The mini-album Covert Coup (2011), produced by Alchemist, Weekend at Burnie's (2011), produced by New Orleans' duo Monsta Beatz, abandoned the cosmic vibe of the Pilot Talk albums, first for a more introverted sound and then for a more traditional sound.

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