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Winking Makes a Face (2000), 6/10
One/Three (2001), 6.5/10
Instrmntl (2002), 6/10
The Dancing Box (2004), 6/10
Like No One (2008), 5/10
Two/Three (2006), 5/10
Three/Three (2018), 5/10

Detroit's dj Tadd "Dabrye" Mullinix debuted with the album of glithc-hop Winking Makes a Face (2000) and the EP Panes (2002), but, having adopted the moniker Dabrye, emerged with the instrumental hip-hop of the mini-albums One/Three (2001) and Instrmntl (2002) that incorporated funk, jazz and electronica, followed by the EP Payback (2003) and by the single Game Over (2004), his signature song.

Meanwhile, he also launched the alter-ego James Cotton with the single Mind Your Manners (2001), the EP Buck (2003), the album The Dancing Box (2004), the peak of this psychedelic hip-hop (with a nine-minute version of Buck), and the inferior Like No One (2008).

Dabrye's Two/Three (2006) collects collaborations with rappers such as MF Doom, Beans, Wildchild, and J-Dilla (one of his last). The idea was reprised, 12 years later, on the the 19-song Three/Three (2018), another set of collaborations with rappers.

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