Darker My Love

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Darker My Love (2006), 6/10
2 (2008), 6/10
Alive As You Are (2010), 5/10
White Fence: White Fence (2010), 5/10 Is Growing Faith (2011), 5/10 Family Perfume Vol 1 (2012), 5/10 Family Perfume Vol 2 (2012), 5/10 Cyclops Reap (2013), 5/10 For the Recently Found Innocent (2014), 6/10 The Wink (2016), 4/10 I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk (2019), 4/10

Los Angeles' Darker My Love, an offshoot of hardcore combo Nerve Agents fronted by guitarist and vocalist Tim Presley, penned psychedelic ditties on Darker My Love (2006), with the virulent "Summer Is Here," 2 (2008), with "Two Ways Out," and the somber and mediocre Alive As You Are (2010).

Presley was also the guitarist for the Strange Boys.

Tim Presley's solo project White Fence aimed at recreating the lightweight sound of the eccentric psychedelic pop and folk-rock of the 1960s (Donovan, Zombies, Tomorrow, pre-album Pink Floyd) on White Fence (2010), with "Mr. Adams," and White Fence Is Growing Faith (2011), with "Lillian", while Family Perfume Vol 1 (2012), with the seven-minute It Will Never Be and the retro-catchy Swagger Vets And Double Moon, and Family Perfume Vol 2 (2012) were confused parades of loose imitations of the classics, the former leaning towards the garage-punk end of the spectrum and the latter leaning towards the folkish end of the spectrum. Hair (2012) and Joy (2018) were collaborations with Ty Segall. More lo-fi psych-rock surfaced on Cyclops Reap (2013) and For the Recently Found Innocent (2014), possibly his best. The Wink (2016), credited to his real name, and I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk (2019) were disappointing. All of them very lo-fi and very derivative.

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