Dark Fortress

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Tales from Eternal Dusk (2001), 5/10
Profane Genocidal Creations (2003), 4/10
Stab Wounds (2004), 4.5/10
Seance (2006), 4/10
Eidolon (2008), 4/10
Ylem (2010), 4/10
Venereal Dawn (2014), 4/10

Germany's Dark Fortress, featuring an extended line-up hidden behind goofy nicknames (chief guitarist Asvargr, vocalist Azathoth, bassist Njord, drummer Charon, second guitarist Crom and keyboardist Thamuz) played conventional and diligent black-metal on Tales from Eternal Dusk (2001).

Profane Genocidal Creations (2003), with Seraph and V.Santura replacing Charon and Crom, and especially the commercially successful Stab Wounds (2004) turned them into stars of the genre.

Morean replaced Azathoth on Seance (2006), but the music remained a parody of black metal. Eidolon (2008), Ylem (2010) and Venereal Dawn (2014) kept alive a national legend, whose artistic merits are debatable.

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