Dead Raven Choir

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Dead Raven Choir (the solo project of a prolific Polish emigre based in Texas) invented an original fusion of freak-folk and black-metal by performing traditional folk songs from Eastern Europe in a black-metal manner. After tentative recordings like the country-fied Armoured Wolves (Jewelled Antler, 2002), this aesthetic program surfaced in all its quirky beauty on the EP Sevenfold Songs Of Death (Pink Skulls, 2003).

The spartan Lesbian Corpse Wolves (Brazos Valley Meat Authority, 2003), Wine, Women And Wolves (Last Visible Dog, 2003), A Tree Inside The Wolves (Jewelled Antler, 2003), Dwelling In A Winter Goat Towards Northern Wolves (Catsun, 2003), and the "poetic" Death To Dead Wolves (Jewelled Antler, 2004) were just some of the (mediocre) albums that were born out of that simple idea.

After a brief hiatus, the EP Selenoclast Wolves (God Is Myth, 2006) and the album My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind (Aurora Borealis, 2006) returned to his black free folk.

The double-disc Cask Strength Black Metal (Weird Forest, 2007) compiles four EPs (Sheath & Knife of 2001, Grand Ravishing Extravaganza of 2002, Sevenfold Songs Of Death of 2003, and Sturmfuckingleider of 2004), which are probably his best.

Relocating to Poland, he formed Wolfmangler and released Dwelling In A Dead Raven For The Glory Of Crucified Wolves (2006) and They Call Us Naughty Wolves (God Is Myth, 2010), eclectic works that offered slow chamber quasi-doom metal for flute, trombone, bassoon, bass and drums.

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