Death By Stereo

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Death By Stereo are a hardcore band (Efrem Schulz on vocals, Todd Hennig on drums, Paul Miner on bass) that capitalizes on the fusion of punk-rock and heavy-metal experimented in the previous decade. After the tentative and relatively melodic If Looks Could Kill I'd Watch You Die (Epitaph, 1999), there came Day Of The Death (2001), with Getting It Off My Chest, and the most metal of them all, Into The Valley of Death (Epitaph, 2003), with Shhh-It'll Be Our Little Secret. They sound tight, sharp, intimidating. Death For Life (2005) is far less satisfying, veering towards the mainstream with the five-minute power ballad Forever And A Day when not aping the classics of metalcore with photocopies such as Entombed We Collide.

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