Death Vessel

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Stay Close (2005) , 6.5/10
Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us (2008), 5.5/10

Death Vessel is brainchild of Rhode Island's folk/country singer/songwriter Joel Thibodeau, who sings in a high, feminine, pre-puberal falsetto register.

Stay Close (North East Indie, 2005) contains simple singalongs such as Mean Streak and Break the Empress Crown as well as more lively lullabies such as Later in Life Lift. He is not afraid of pay homage to old-time music (Mandan Dink) and bluegrass (Tidy Nervous Breakdown). If these are the tunes that capture the ear at first listening, Thibodeau has much more to offer at a deeper level: his ability to craft dramatic atmospheres is quite unique, not because of the intensity (which is never overwhelming) but because of the way he does it, choosing to sneak into the psyche via back doors in oddly conjured songs such as Blowing Cave and Nothing Left To Bury.

Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us (2008), sprinkled some of its songs with guitar distortion, saxophone and piano, placed more emphasis on the melodies (Block My Eye) but overall sounded like a vain exercise whenever it ventured away from his roots (best exemplified by Fences Around Field).

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