Richard Devine

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Atlanta's Richard Devine concocted an even more austere and robotic form of glitchy IDM than Autechre and Oval. The title of the triple-LP album Sculpt (Tape, 1995) referred to his painstakingly sculpted, multi-layered compositions. The EPs Polymorphic (Six Sixty Six Limited, 1996), Richard Coleman Devine (Schematic, 1998) and The Digital Rawhide (Xylophone Jones, 1998) as well as the mini-album Lipswitch (2000) displayed his skills in microscopic surgery.

Aleamapper (2001) was the "ambient" counter-part to the dance music of those early efforts. It still contains twitching android dances like Vecpr, but the highlights, heralded by the harsh, metallic, industrial music of Insil Segment, are the sonata for harrowing drones Foci Duplication, the dissonant, chaotic Partition Refinement (the ideal sountrack for a videogame of intergalactic warfare), the ultra-psychedelic cascading noises of Freeze Fracture, the ghostly winds of Dock Inversion, the wall of nuclear miasmas of Veolic Revolving. and Carry Completion Sensing, that sounds like the stream of consciousness of a robot adrift on the Moon. Most of these are bleak and beyond gloomy, but the ecstatic cosmic vision of Float 82 hints at salvation.

Asect Dsect (2003) marked his production peak in the more conventional dancefloor style.

Devine later released Cautella (Sublight, 2005) and Risp (Detroit Underground, 2012).

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