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Colorado's DeVotchKa, fronted by vocalist-guitarist Nick Urata and featuring Tom Hagerman on violin and accordion, Jeanie Schroder on sousaphone and bass, and percussionist Shawn King, concocted a rare hybrid of alt-country, gypsy music and Ennio Morricone-like ambience on Supermelodrama (2000), that also featured clarinet and trumpet, and Una Volta (2003). How It Ends (2004) added mariachi horns to create Latin-gypsy-rock.

Made famous by the hit How It Ends, they reinvented themselves as an arena-rock phenomenon with A Mad & Faithful Telling (Anti, 2008), the satori of their arrangements (if not of their tunesmithship): Basso Profundo for flamenco guitar and cajun accordion, Along the Way for mariachi horns, Transliterator for horns and strings, The Clockwise Witness" for neoclassical strings and twinkling piano. Topping everything else, the two instrumentals: Comrade Z for mariachi horns and Strizzalo for accordion, tuba and violins.

100 Lovers (2011) is a vastly inferior work, that fails both at melodramatic mainstream pop (The Alley) and witty world-music (Bad Luck Heels).

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