DJ Rashad

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Jukeworkz (2009), 5/10 Just a Taste (2009), 6/10 Grace (2010), 5/10 Double Cup (2013), 6.5/10 Links:

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DJ Rashad (Rashad Harden) was one of the many djs who pioneered Chicago's "footwork" music after RP Boo cut the genre's first single. Footwork is a street dance that musically is a variant of "juke house", which is in turn a variant of "ghetto house".

DJ Rashad's first full-length albums were basically demonstrations of the genre: Something 2 Dance 2 (2008), Jukeworkz (2009), Just a Taste (2009), with the jazzy Ghetto Tekz Runnin It, and Grace (2010). His moment of fame came with Double Cup (Hyperdub, 2013), the album that popularized footwork thanks to anthems like Drank Kush Barz.

Harden died in 2014.

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