Dressy Bessy
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Pink Hearts Yellow Moons (1999), 5/10
Sound Go Round (2002), 5/10
Dressy Bessy (2003), 6.5/10
Electrified (2005), 5/10
Holler And Stomp (2008), 5/10

Denver's Dressy Bessy, led by singer Tammy Ealom, play harmless punk-pop ditties. They debuted with the single Ultra Vivid Colour (1997), the EP You Stand Here (1998) and the full-length Pink Hearts Yellow Moons (1999), full of childish bubblegum ditties. They all repeat the same formula, which got even less "punk" and more "pop" on Sound Go Round (2002), a quick-fire parade of breezy refrains (I Saw Cinnamon, Flower Jargon) that displayed a brain in only a couple of tracks (Fare Thee Well, Carry On).

Little Music (Kindercore) collects demos, singles (Live to Tell All, Sunny I'm Never Wrong, Ultra Vivid Color, Fuzzy, Said You Would) and rarities.

Tammy Ealom, guitarist John Hill, bassist Rob Greene and drummer Darren Albert tried out a more original formula for Dressy Bessy (Kindercore, 2003). Next to the usual ration of elementary melodic hooks (Just One More, Better Luck, New Song, Girl You Shout, The Things That You Say That You Do), the band displays a modicum of seriousness (This May Hurt, Georgie Blue).

Electrified (Transdreamer, 2005) marks a change for the worse, towards hard-rock (courtesy of guitarist John Hill), while trying to retain the old catchy profile driven by the ever girlish Tammy Ealom.

Holler And Stomp (Transdreamer, 2008) is a mediocre collection.

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