El Perro Del Mar

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El Perro Del Mar, the project of Swedish chanteuse Sarah Assbring, debuted with It's El Perro del Mar (2005), entirely sung, played and arranged by her, a set of melancholic old-fashioned ballads sung in the naive lovesick crooning of the yeh-yeh girls of the 1960s but applied to the existential angst of the 2000s. Party is the norm (just the opposite of what the title implies). The exception is the slightly more upbeat It's All Good, the only moment when she actually lives up to the teenage idols of the 1960s that she sounds like.

The compilation El Perro Del Mar (2006) packaged the best songs of the first album and the single God Knows for Anglosaxon consumption.

From the Valley to the Stars (2008) had a fuller arrangement (notably organ), although still no drums.

Sarah Assbring finally capitulated and included drums on Love Is Not Pop (2009), while giving up very little of her poignant and intimate confessions.

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