Felice Brothers

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New York-based Felice Brothers, formed by three brothers (vocalist Ian, Simone and James) established themselves in the vein of the Band with Through These Reins and Gone (Team Love, 2006), Tonight At The Arizona (Loose Music, 2007) and The Felice Brothers (Team Love, 2008). They exceled at roots-rock rave-ups and elegies, but too often indulged in languid litanies that bordered on pop-soul ballads. Yonder Is Clock (Team Love, 2009) flirted with a more accessible version of that schizophrenia (rustic roots-rock on one hand, emotional ballads on the other).

Simone Felice and Robert Burke formed The Duke & The King that debuted with Nothing Gold Can Stay (2009).

Simone Felice debuted solo with Simone Felice (2012), a charming incursion into old-fashioned roots-rock with folk and gospel overtones.

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