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North Carolina's Filthybird penned the roots-rock gems of Southern Skies (2007) around the malleable voice of Renee Mendoza and the evocative guitar of Brian Haran (who had played in the avantgarde ensembles of Glenn and LaMonte Young). On one hand there are the howling waltzing country elegy Warm Womb, the ethereal hypnotic slocore lullaby Houses and the whispered blues Caroline; on the other hand, the band lets it loose in the syncopated psychedelic Latin-tinged jam Sunshine.

Filthybird's Songs for Other People (Holidays for Quince, 2011) boasted their catchiest song yet, the jangling folk-rock Pick Me Up, but also the agonizing Mostly of Waves, that initially sounds like vintage Janis Joplin but then turns into an acid litany a` la Grace Slick. The Brazilian-tinged Last Night and Hiders continue the Latin streak begun in the previous album.

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