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Flashbulb, the project of Chicago's prolific guitarist Benn Lee Jordan, began his second career as a composer of electronic dance music in a vein derivative of drum'n'bass and ambient house: M3 (2000), These Open Fields (2001), Girls.Suck.But.YOU.Don't (2003), Resent and the April Sunshine Shed (2003), Red Extensions of Me (2004), etc. Breakcore had increasingly become his specialty by the time he crafted Kirlian Selections (2005), possibly his artistic zenith, and an eclectic collection that includes beat-less ambient music as well as rocking pieces. After Reunion (2005) and Flexing Habitual (2006), he achieved another milestone with Soundtrack to a Vacant Life (2008), possibly his most popular release. But that was followed by the mediocre Arboreal (2010), the jazzy Love as a Dark Hallway (2011) and the even more mediocre Opus at the End of Everything (2012) and Hardscrabble (2012). (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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