For Stars
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For Stars (1998), 6/10
Windows for Stars (1999), 6.5/10
We Are All Beautiful People (2001), 6/10
It Falls Apart (2004), 5/10

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For Stars is a San Francisco band led by singer/guitarist Carlos Forster that intones ethereal and lovely ballads a` la Donovan or John Denver in a moody, romantic, introverted, sensitive pop style. Their albums For Stars (1998) and Windows for Stars (1999) bordered on the aesthetics of the Red House Painters but anchored to solid melodies.

While We Are All Beautiful People (2001) tried brisker paces, It Falls Apart (Future Farmers, 2004) achieves perhaps the most poignant format, especially in the lengthy title-track, but, at the same time, the nadir in musical originality. An opulent overproduction sterilizes the songs, which mostly decay into AOR for faux intellectuals a` la Her Space Holiday. Ultimately, this is a rather boring experience.

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