Franciscan Hobbies

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The Franciscan Hobbies were emblematic of the loose Bay Area collectives that still congregated around the Jewelled Antler label (around the pioneers Thuja and the Skygreen Leopards) for which the communal spirit mattered more than the improvised amateurish psychedelic-folk music with mystical and idyllic overtones that they played.

They debuted with At The World's End (PseudoArcana, 2002), featuring the Thuja trio (Glenn Donaldson, Loren Chasse and Rob Reger), Donovan Quinn of the Skygreen Leopards, and the core quartet of Greg Bianchini, Kerry McLaughlin, Buffy Vice Sick and Christine Boepple, and followed it with Caterpillars Of The Oak Beauty (Jewelled Antler, 2003), recorded in a meadow and on a sea cliff by a similar extended combo.

Masks & Meanings (Soft Abuse, 2003) was perhaps the most accomplished of their collections, with the septet better amalgamated, while Walls Are Stuck (Music Fellowship, 2005) suffered from having been recorded over a number of years.

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