French Kicks

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One Time Bells (2002), 6/10
The Trial of The Century (2004) , 5/10
Two Thousand (2006), 5/10
Swimming (2008), 4.5/10

The French Kicks are a New York-based post-hardcore quartet (guitarists-vocalists Matt Stinchcomb and Josh Wise, bassist Jamie Krents, drummer-vocalist Nick Stumpf) that harks back to both garage-rock of the 1960s and the new wave of the 1970s.

Thus One Time Bells (StarTime, 2002) vibrates with echoes of Television and Wire, while continuously referrring to the generation of the Strokes. The eclectic mix runs the gamut from garage-rock (Crying Just For Show, When You Heard You, Right in Time) to mod-soul (Down Now, Close To Modern) to folk-rock (One Time Bells) to glimpses of post-rock (1985). All is adorned with three-part harmonies that further disorient the listener.

The Trial of The Century (Star Time, 2004) was a major disappointment, a sudden detour towards the Strokes-ian equivalent of synth-pop, a predictable and abused trail (One More Time).

Two Thousand (Vagrant, 2006) is a rather monotonous experience. Virtually no song stands out, and not even differentiates itself from the previous one to be recognizable.

Swimming (2008) was even less exciting, although certainly competent.

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