The Fun Years

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God Was Like No (2010) , 6.5/10

The Fun Years, a New York-based duo of baritone guitar (Ben Recht) and turntable (Isaac Sparks), employed the "noises" of the turntable to "arrange" the music of the guitar and viceversa, exploring the complementary roles of the two instruments when locked together in a polyphony of samples, loops and drones. After the amateurish Now That's What I Call Droning, Volume 4 (2004), Why We're All Below Average (2005), Crminimal Hardcore (2005), $3.99 Yourself to Death (2006) and The Crippling Paranoia Of Fluorescent Quinine (2006), their art unfurled the discreet schizophrenic meditations of Life-Sized Psychoses (Barge, 2007) and Baby It's Cold Inside (Barge, 2008).

Half of God Was Like No (Barge Records, 2010), whose pieces segue into each other with no discontinuity, stages a parable of split-brain. Breech On The Bowstring undergoes an imposing crescendo from minimalist repetition a` la Glenn Branca to dirty android drones. Makes Sense To Me unleashes a battle between calm ambient music permeated by alien radio signals and hypnotic guitar strumming. In both cases the music is pulled by two opposing forces, one towards repetition and the other towards the continuum. A narrative emerges later when the mind-warping reverbs of Psychic Career segue into the psychedelic mantra of Little Vapors that segues into the murky sound collage of And They Think My Name Is Dequan, a prelude of sorts to the industrial miasma and zombie distortion of Get Out Of The Obese Crowd (the album's standout). The wall of noise of Precious Persecution Complex moves like a tidal wave that approaches from the horizon, but it also hides a soaring organ-like melody.

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