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Orchestra Of Wolves (2006) , 6.5/10
Grey Britain (2009) , 6/10

The Gallows, old-fashioned English punks, revitalized punk-rock on Orchestra Of Wolves (In At The Deep End, 2006), It does not have the impetus of punk's golden days but a somewhat limping ferocity, best displayed in Kill The Rhythm and In The Belly Of A Shark, that occasionally yields anthemic power-ballads such as Abandon Ship and Orchestra Of Wolves, and often decays into agonizing shouts such as Six Years and Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn't Mean You're Safe.

They further shifted towards odd hybrids on Grey Britain (Warner, 2009). The choral singalong Leeches exhibits a jolting instrumental fever, the poisonous Death Voices grinds slowly with even an a-cappella section, the six-minute The Vulture begins as an acoustic ballad wrapped in strings, The Riverbed consists of a series of explosions and pauses, the melodrama of Queensberry Rules is sandwiched between pow-wow rhythm and pow-wow chant, Misery employs piano and strings. The closer, Crucifucks, is a martial requiem that segues into a lengthy instrumental coda of piano and strings. It is telling, though, that the most captivating rigmaroles are also the most straightforward, such as The Great Forgiver and especially London Is The Reason. The variety is intriguing but it also ends up scattering the musical talent instead of focusing it on what they do best.

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