Gaslight Anthem

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New Jersey's Gaslight Anthem, fronted by Brian Fallon, played populist bombastic punk-folk, frequently reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, on Sink or Swim (2007) and especially The '59 Sound (2008), with Here's Looking at You Kid.

A much less punkish fervor permeates American Slang (2010), the best songs harking back to the power-pop of latter-day Replacements (Stay Lucky, Orphans, and The Spirit of Jazz) and occasionally revealing a classy storyteller (The Diamond Church Street Choir).

The problem with Handwritten (2012) is not so much that they had become a stereotype, but that only a handful of songs deserved to be released (45, Howl, Here Comes My Man). They sound like echoes of anthems, but they don't have the fire of real anthems.

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