Mr Geoffrey and JD Franzke
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Get A Room (2006), 6.5/10

Mr Geoffrey And JD Franzke is an Australian act that specializes in nostalgia created via digital plunderphonics. Get A Room (Extreme, 2006) is a parade of 26 untitled exercises in stealing other people's music and turning into your own music. At one end of the spectrum are relatively straightforward imitations, such as the easy-listening music replete with romantic crooner (Mel Torme) of 1 or 16, the smoky lounge music replete with sweet chanteuse of 5, the xylophone-based cha-cha of 13, and 6, an authentic Astor Piazzolla tango for accordion, violin and piano. At the other end are more personal "inventions", such as the dreamy Hawaian melody for guitar and electronics of 2, the duet of a sensual female voice and a baroque harpsichord fugue of 3, the harmonica-dub duel of 10, the collage of found sounds of 19, the confused "dub and roll" of 20, and especially the orchestral fantasy with orgasmic voices of 22. In between there is a vast territory of quirk orchestrations and contrasts: a string-based movie soundtrack, a romantic piano motif and ocean waves in 4; Chinese classical music and soul-jazz organ in 7; the floating genres over tribal percussion of 23; etc.
Unlike Solex, who assembles unrecognizable snippets of music into more organic units, Mr Geoffrey And JD Franzke preserves the original (not just a snippet) and makes it the protagonist of a new piece of music. Around it, a disorienting aura of electronic, instrumental and sampled sounds is set in motion. The overall effect is to project the past into the future, skipping the present altogether.
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