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Ring (2010) , 6.5/10

Glasser, the one-woman project of Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and electronic musician Cameron Mesirow, debuted with the amateurish EP Apply (True Panther, 2009).

Ring (True Panther, 2010) boasted lush arrangements and an emphasis on percussion. The new version of Apply is a languid Enya-esque wordless chant over a tribal polyrhythm and majestic electronic lines. Echoes of Enya (Orinoco) again permeate the vocal games of Plane Temp, the sunniest ditty (with a surrealistic finale of unwinding clocks). The best rhythm inflates Mirrorage, that also boasts the most creative vocal opening. The percussions intone their own pow-wow concerto while the female voices play hide and seek. She effortlessly ventures into intricate exotic threnodies such as Glad and Tremel. Some of the songs border on easy-listening muzak, but where it works her art is refreshingly devoid of constraints.

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