Gold Panda

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Lucky Shiner (2010) , 6.5/10

Gold Panda, the moniker used by English producer Derwin Panda, debuted with Lucky Shiner (Ghostly International, 2010). His polyglot style incorporates techniques from every electronic repertoire. The emblematic You blends a steady beat, treated samples, sound effects and electronic melodies. The clockwork Vanilla Minus superimposes ambient electronica with a syncopated charleston beat and a carousel-like organ melody. Gamelan polyrhythm and electronic Chinese chant create the playful Same Dream China. Before We Talked is a duel between the robotic deconstruction of a voice and a skittering digital beat. The mood of these studio artifacts is often light and jovial. Detours abound, from the pastoral ditty for acoustic guitar and birds Parents to the purely rhythmic experiment Snow and Taxis.
Towards the end the album seems to lose steam. The experiments get weirder, to the point that After We Talked sounds like a cubistic remix of Before We Talked. India Lately delves into a gallop for sitar and tablas that is drenched in lo-fi static noise. The single Marriage sounds like the disco-friendly version of all of this. These are far less fascinating than the first half of the collection.

Companion (Varicount, 2010) collects early recordings.

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