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A Sufi and a Killer (2010) , 6.5/10
MU.ZZ.LE (2012), 5/10

Veteran San Diego-based dj and vocalist Gonjasufi (Sumach Valentine) debuted with the dislocated pop songs of A Sufi and a Killer (Warp, 2010), produced by Gaslamp Killer (William Bensussen). The acid shuffle Kobwebz, the surreal Indian dance of Kowboyz & Indians, the garage gospel rave-up DedNd and the anemic blues Ageing evoke a less turbulent but no less demented version of Captain Beefheart. At times the structure can be a bit too decomposed (Ancestors), and the goal a bit risky (the disco funk of Candylane). However, the vaudeville skit for anthemic piano figure at marching-band pace of She Gone and the parody of easy-listening muzak, replete with angelic backup vocals, of Sheep redeem any indulgence and incompetence that may hurt the rest.

The ten-song mini-album Mu.Zz.Le (Warp, 2012) was vastly less creative, and a lot gloomier, if perhaps a more personal statement, drenched in a claustrophobic atmosphere akin to that of much psychedelic dub.

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