Grey Daturas

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Australian collective Grey Daturas specialize in abstract instrumental noise droning rock. Grey Daturas (Black Mountain, 2002) ran the gamut from extended guitar workouts to wildly acid garage-rock, mostly in the tradition of Dead C. Live At The Rob Roy Hotel (2002) collects live performances of 2002.

Dead In The Woods (Crashing Jets, 2004 - Crucial Blast, 2007) improved both horizontally and vertically, offering a broader spectrum of styles and a more manic intensity.

Copper Silver (2005) was a (mediocre) collaboration with Oregon's Yellow Swans, followed by the EPs All I See Is Nothing (Black Mountain, 2006) and Blood Trail (Heathen Skulls, 2006), and by The Black Plague (2006), a split with Wolf Eyes.

The 39-minute EP Path Of Niners (Heathen Skulls, 2006 - Rocket Recordings, 2007) marked a relative change in direction, towards a less chaotic sound.

Dawn Of The Catalyst (20 Buck Spin, 2007) is a collaboration with French doom-metal band Monarch.

The EP Owly Claw Hammer (Emperor Jones, 2008) contains two lengthy ambient psychedelic jams.

Return to Disruption (Neurot, 2008) continues to refine the border between doom-metal and free-form noise.

Black Widow was the side-project of Grey Daturas' Rob MacManus that released Night Of The Raven (Heathen Skulls, 2008).

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