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Insomniacs Dream (2001), 6.5/10
Dry Humping the American Dream (2003), 6/10
Sludge Test (2006), 6/10
A Modest Proposal (2009), 5/10

New York's quartet Gutbucket (bassist Eric Rockwin, saxophonist Ken Thompson, guitarist Ty Citerman, drummer Paul Chuffo) played music of a frenzied and caustic wit straddling the border between punk-rock and progressive-rock on Insomniacs Dream (Knitting Factory, 2001), Dry Humping the American Dream (Enja, 2003), Sludge Test (2006), that includes a rock version of Messiaen's Danse de la Fureur, Pour les Sept Trompettes .

A Modest Proposal (Cuneiform, 2009) rarely stands up to the group's reputation for ferocious music. Head Goes Thud features a shoegazing wall of guitar noise and a saxophone that alternates between clownish moves and passionate phrases. That's the most original idea on the album. The closing, Brain Born Outside of Its Head, rivals it with a gargantuan rhythm and comic guitar noises, a horror theme in disguise. There is less punk now and more "prog", peaking with the Canterbury-esque merry-go-round of More More Bigger Better Easter with Cheese. The virulent Carnivore is counterbalanced by the bluesy Doppelganger's Requiem. Gutbucket aimes for the brain not for the guts, a fact emphasized by the convoluted and cerebral structure of Side Effects May Include, that dabbles in several different techniques at the same time (notably minimalist repetition).

Multi-reedist Ken Thompson also leads the Asphalt Orchestra. He also formed Slow/Fast (featuring Russ Johnson's trumpet) that debuted with It Would Be Easier If (2010), a series of lengthy intricate compositions, including the rocking Goddamn You Ice Cream Truck.

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