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Health (2007) , 7/10 (mini)
Get Color (2009) , 7/10

Los Angeles's Health, fronted by vocalist Jake Duzsik and featuring multi-instrumentalist John Famiglietti, unleashed the gargantuan, chaotic, dissonant and sinister pandemonium of the mini-album Health (2007), orchestrating manic tribal beats, razor-sharp guitar attacks and vampire moans. The opening couldn't be more disorienting: Heaven hints at a tribal threnody a` la Velvet Underground that never materializes, and the jagged 36-second punk-rock of Girl Attorney sounds like a tribute to Teenage Jesus. Glenn Branca-esque repetition and childish d
rumming duet in Crimewave. There are echoes of Chrome's android ballets in Zoothorns but they are soon drowned in chaotic noise.
They even venture into electroclash, although it sounds more like sabotage. A disco beat propels Triceratops amid industrial noise and feverish guitar strumming while a shy vocalist seem more interested in hiding than in singing. A similar combination is employed in //M\\, with the litany becoming almost zombie-like. Glitter Pills further complicates the matter by unleashing a distorted pulsation over a decapitated beat.

Disco (2008) was a collection of remixes that transposed their chaos to the dancefloor.

Less abrasive and disjointed, Get Color (Lovepump United, 2009) tried to herald a friendlier style with the vehement and anthemic In Heat and the languid, poppy and throbbing Die Slow, but couldn't help plunging into the industrial nigthmares of Death+ (a distorted electronic pattern over a factory-like beat) and Eat Flesh (devoured by another distorted pattern with both melodic and rhythmic qualities) and surging into the hysterical tribal bursts of We Are Water and Severin. The atmosphere created by these songs is murky at best, inducing acute dizziness with the percussive Nice Girls and neurotic hypnosis with the sideral drones and fibrillating drums of In Violet.

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