Heartless Bastards

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The Mountain (2009) , 6/10
All This Time (2006) , 5.5/10
Stars And Elevators (2005), 5/10

Ohio's Heartless Bastards debuted on Stars And Elevators (Fat Possum, 2005) as a cowpunk bunch fronted by a wild woman (Erika Wennerstrom) in the vein of Hope Nicholls' Fetchin Bones and Mia Zapata's Gits.

All This Time (Fat Possum, 2006) was a diligent but tired follow-up.

Erika Wennerstrom then relocated to Austin and reformed the band with a new rhythm section. The Mountain (Fat Possum, 2009) marked a retreat towards more conventional roots-rock: the mournful seven-minute Had to Go (a bluesy cousin of the Walkabouts), Witchy Poo, So Quiet, Hold Your Head High and even the solo acoustic elegy Be So Happy. The old bastards show up only in Early in the Morning and Out at Sea. She has become a mature singer and songwriter, but lost the infernal energy that made her more than the umpth singer-songwriter of roots-rock.

Arrow (2012) changed course again, last but not least because the line-up kept changing. This time Wennerstrom impersonated the rocker fronting a wild bunch and the music harked back to garage-rock of the Sixties and pub-rock of the 1970s.

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