Hey Colossus

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England's quintet Hey Colossus packaged a three-pronged guitar attack (Ian Scanlon, Bob Davies and James Parker) into a hypnotic, funereal, loud, distorted fusion of doom-metal and Neu-like "motorik" rhythm on the mini-album Hates You (Jonson Family, 2004), containing the 18-minute A Witch Is Born.

Post-rock dynamics matched the trancey quality of their sound on II (Jonson Family, 2005), creating an even stranger (but no less "heavy") hybrid.

Death-metal and white noise further destabilized Project Death (Shifty, 2007), whose harsher moments bordered on pummelling noisecore.

By the time of Happy Birthday (Riot Season, 2008), notably the 13-minute Overlord Rapture In Vines Part 2, Hey Colossus had become as sophisticated, evil and complex as Khanate and Isis.

Eurogrumble Vol. 1 (Riot Season, 2010) was billed as a collaboration with an imaginary Van Halen Time Capsule.

The exhilarating journey of RRR (Riot Season, 2011) ranges from the slow-motion devastation of The Drang to the terrifying emotional crescendo of RRR.

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