High Wolf

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High Wolf (prolific French multi-instrumentalist Maxime Primault) debuted with three cassettes: Supermodern Temple (Krayon, 2009), containing just two lengthy collages (Aztec Fountain and Parallel Vision), the Latin-themed Animal Totem (Not Not Fun, 2009), and especially Gabon (Winged Sun, 2009), containing two more suites (The Shepherds and Gates Of Gabon) A witty dadaistic tone derails the fantasias for psychedelic guitar, electronics and exotic percussion of Incapulco (Segent Masscre, 2009) and High Wolf (2010).

The more austere Shangri L.A (Moamoo, 2010) contains Marlene Brazil, the two-part The Sheperds and an excerpt of Gates Of Gabon.

The ephemeral collages of Ascension (Not Not Fun, 2010) suffer from a lack of focus, from an inherently lightweight structure, although that very essence is what makes the 13-minute psychedelic raga Fire In My Bones so charming.

The more cacophonous, propulsive and ecstatic Atlas Nation (Holy Mountain, 2011) seemed to confirm that everything released before was just a diary of a musician experimenting with his own talent, slowly understanding his mission in life and improving his skills at the tools. The 14-minute Haiti could be his more mature journey yet.

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