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Barely Legal (1997), 6/10
Veni Vidi Vicious (2000), 7/10
Your New Favourite Band (2002), 6/10
Tyrannosaurus Hives (2004), 5.5/10
The Black And White Album (2007), 5.5/10

Part of the same generation as the Hellacopters and the International Noise Conspiracy, although lumped with the great rock'n'roll swindles of the 2000s (the White Stripes, the Strokes), Swedish garage-rockers Hives (fronted by vocalist Howlin' Pelle Almqvist) debuted with the EP Oh Lord! When? How? (1996) and the mini-album Barely Legal (Burning Heart, 1997 - Gearhead, 2002), which included their anthem A.K.A. I-D-I-O-T. The real treat was Veni Vidi Vicious (Burning Heart, 2000 - Gearhead, 2002), one of the most serious offenders of the era (Hate to Say I Told You So, Main Offender).

Your New Favourite Band (Poptones, 2002 - Sire, 2004) is an anthology.

Tyrannosaurus Hives (Interscope, 2004) was a disappointment, a largely watered-down version of their classic sound. It includes A Little More for Little You, Walk Idiot Walk (reminiscent of the Who's I Can't Explain) Love in Plaster, Dead Quote Olympics, Diabolic Scheme and Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones. Each of these could have competed for stand-out of their career, except that here it is played with an odd sort of indifference.

The three worthwhile ditties out of The Black And White Album (A&M, 2007), namely Tick Tick Boom, Giddy Up and T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S, are wildly different in style from each other, but share one common attribute: they all sound like parodies of the 1970s.

Lex Hives (2012) sounds like a vain exercise in nostalgia: there are echoes of classic rock in almost every song, and never particularly well amalgamated. The single Go Right Ahead is reminiscent of the Electric Light Orchestra's Don't Bring me Down.

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