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Hoor-Paar-Kraat, a trio of electronic/digital musicians led by the prolific New York-based soundsculptor Anthony Mangicapra, secreted ambient music from collages of field recordings. The dark sheet of drones was disturbed by small dissonant events that sometimes rose to become tidal waves. The effect was particularly dramatic on Asha Dasha (2005), the mini-album The Nagaraja Movements (2006), later included in An Anagram Hypnotic (Goat Eater Arts, 2007), the mini-album Mercurial Little Jitterbug (Goat Eater, 2006), In Eros Veritas (2007), Tzool-Mah (2008), A Doorbell Of Earbows For Brefix (Goat Eater Arts, 2008).

The double-disc The Eureka Tapes (Small Doses, 2011) compiles rarities and unreleased material.

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