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Impale Golden Horn (2007), 6/10
The Invisible Mountain (2009), 6.5/10
Forbidden Planet (2010) , 5/10

North Carolina's Horseback, the project of Jenks Miller, debuted with the guitar drones of Impale Golden Horn (Burly Time, 2007). but after the ambivalent single Milh Ihuh (Turgid Animal, 2009) they transformed into a ferocious psychedelic rocker on The Invisible Mountain (Utech, 2009 - Relapse, 2010), except for the 16-minute ambient excursion Hatecloud Dissolving Into Nothing. The brainy cassette Forbidden Planet (2010) leaned more towards the first than the second style.

The double-disc The Gorgon Tongue (Relapse, 2011) compiles the first album and the cassette.

New Dominions (Relapse, 2011) was a collaboration with doom-metalers Locrian, notably the 14-minute Our Epitaph.

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