Hush Arbors

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Hush Arbors, the project of Virginia-born folksinger Keith Wood, tried a psychedelic take on old-fashioned stark rustic Appalachian music, as if Jimi Hendrix had gone alt-country on works such as Hush Arbors (2003 - Digitalis, 2006) and Since We Have Fallen (2004 - Harvest, 2006).

However, the highlight of Under Bent Limb Trees (2004) was the instrumental Kudzu Covered Maples.

Another peak of his art were the two pieces of the EP Death Calligraphy (2005).

Row Life (2007) was mostly routine.

The project became a real band on Hush Arbors (Ecstatic Peace, 2008) and Yankee Reality (Ecstatic Peace, 2009).

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