I Am Kloot
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Natural History (2001) , 6.5/10
I Am Kloot (2003), 5/10
Gods And Monsters (2005), 5/10
The Sky At Night (2010), 5/10

I Am Kloot was the English band that started the acoustic-pop revival of 2001. A Manchester trio led by vocalist/guitarist John Bramwell, they played conventional (and mostly acoustic) folk-pop songs on Natural History (2001), such as To You and Twist.

I Am Kloot (Wall Of Sound, 2003) was a bit more arranged, and boasted at least two melodic gems: Three Feet Tall and especially Life In A Day. The rest was unbelievably monotonous.

Gods And Monsters (Echo, 2005) was a mature work by a trio that had mastered its style, but, again, a chronic dearth of innovation meant that only a few songs (Over My Shoulder, No Direction Home, Avenue Of Hope) stood out from the black and white broadcast. The piano-based instrumental Hong Kong Lullaby was, in fact, the most intriguing track on the album, a welcome antidote to Coldplay's pathos.

Trapped inside that mediocrity, the band on The Sky At Night (2010) only found enough strength to mumble the trotting showtune-style rant Fingerprints and the John Denver-ian elegy Northern Skies.

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