If Thousands

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Candice Recorder (2001), 6.5/10
Yellowstone (2002), 5.5/10
Lullaby (2002), 6/10
I Have Nothing (2005), 5/10

Minnesota duo If Thousands (guitarist Aaron Molina and keyboardist Christian Mcshane) recorded the droning music of Candice Recorder (Sursumcorda, 2001 - Silber, 2014), with the slow-moving cinematic Things in Symbols and especially the mournful cosmic vision of Kasio, as well as the more disjointed and abstract Atrocious (but also the With a Voice as Big as a Tree, that harks back to Leo Kottke's country watercolors).

Yellowstone (Chairkickers, 2002) displayed a more refined and subliminal approach with the faint barely-alive twelve-minute Yellowstone the majestic and threatening With all the Saints and the fluttering, cosmic We Sent HLRE.

Lullaby (Silber, 2002) added the solemn and fragile requiem-like To Shine on him one Last Time that segues into He Had The Smell Of Wyoming Sagebrush and the stately glacial Our Lives Will Never Be The Same.

The much too fragmented I Have Nothing (Silber, 2005) boasted nonetheless two small jewels of psychological music: Cymbol, overflowing with a sense of fear and loneliness, and Walking Otis, a neurosis of the otherworldly emptiness.

After a long hiatus they released For (Silber, 2014).

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